About iCare Wellness Centre

Who We Are?

At iCare Wellness Centre, you can expect a highly professional, caring and attentive service approach. Our focus is to get you back to being fit as soon as possible with a positive mind and spirit. We take pride in open communication with our patients and provide timely reporting and documentation.

We are a team of empathetic and innovative healthcare professionals who are driven by passion for healthcare and we serve patients from every age, stage and walk of life.


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What We Believe In

Our core beliefs are foundational to providing exceptional care and treatment for our patients.

We treat our patients, regardless of their age, medical condition, values or beliefs. We help our patients make optimal decisions regarding their care and treatment and collaborate with their primary care physicians and other healthcare professionals.

We develop a personalized relationship-centered to our patient’s needs and concerns and openly communicate with them by providing information about their condition, showing empathy and always building trust.

By aiming to uncover the root cause of the condition, we don't just simply treat the symptoms but make sure that the condition has resolved for good.