Brampton Scalp Therapy Centre

One of the body parts closest to your brain is your scalp. Scalp health and treatment is important and our Trichologists at iCare Wellness Centre in Brampton aim to provide you with the best scalp and hair problem solutions.

Acupuncture at iCare Wellness Centre

From an itchy scalp to hair loss, Trichologists at iCare Wellness Centre are here to help you with the perfect treatments to your scalp problems. Book an appointment with our qualified trichologists if you’re facing one of the following problems.

  • Excessive hair loss
  • Hair thinning
  • Hair breakage
  • A patch of hair loss
  • Patches of scale
  • Excessive oiliness or dryness of the scalp
  • Excessive hair growth for women
  • Loss of eyebrows or eyelashes
  • Excessive hair breakage after a chemical service
  • Chronic dandruff
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Trichotillomania
  • Excessive body hair for men

Steps involved in a Trichology Consultation

A Trichology consultation at iCare Wellness Centre will include the following steps.

Going through your medical history and discussing every aspect of your lifestyle including diet, medications, stress and the issues with your scalp.
Hair health reflects lifestyle quality. Hair assessments will be done to gather more information on the causes of your scalp issues.
Thorough examination of your hair which might include scanning your scalp, taking hair samples and examination of your scalp under a magnifying glass.
Your iCare trichologist will give you preliminary diagnosis and information pertaining to your condition and discuss with you the correct course of treatment.

Not everybody who seeks the advice of a trichologist has a hair problem. You can book a consultation for advice on how to keep your scalp and hair healthy in order to reduce the risk of hair loss. This will save you money for treatment further down the line.